VISTRA Hair Regenerating Capsules


Size: 30 capsules


Vistra Regow Nourish Hair Root Treating Hair Regenerate Nail Care.

Vistra Regow Hair and Nail Treatment
– Helps nourish hair to be healthy, shiny, and topped with strong hair.
– Reduce thinning hair, hair loss, and gray hair
– Reduce inflammation of the scalp or skin.
– Reduce brittle, cracked nails
– Suitable for those who want to take care of the health of the hair and scalp.
– Suitable for those who want to reduce hair loss.
– Suitable for those who want to reduce the brittleness of their hair.
Product Information:
There are 10 types of nutrients and vitamins for complete hair and scalp care.
– Flax Seed Extract
– horsetail grass extract
– L-Methionine
– manganese
– Copper
– Vitamin E
– Selenium
– Vitamin A
– folic acid
– biotin
How to eat:
After breakfast and dinner, 1 tablet each time