Nuhair 5 Scalp Lotion


Size: 60ml


Nuhair 5 Hair Loss Alopecia Androgenetic Male Baldness Hair Lotion Hair Growth.

Nuhair 5 (Minoxidil 5%)
Helps to slow down hair loss. Helps to lengthen the life cycle of the hair and has the effect of helping hair grow again.
For those with genetically thin hair or male pattern baldness, hair loss, or thinning hair.
By Nuhair, it will increase blood flow to the applied area, stimulating hair growth.  Inhibit hair follicle shedding, increase hair growth, and make epidermal cells live longer.
New users in the first month  There may be an increase in hair loss.  due to the shedding of weak hair.
Inject or apply in the area where the hair is thin or bald.  It will help stimulate the regeneration of hair, making the hair more voluminous.
Help with thinning hair  Can be used by both men and women.
How to use:
1. Wash your hair clean.
2. Spray or apply on problem areas.  By keeping the injection mouth about 1 inch away from the scalp.
3. Gently massage the scalp.  With the fingertips for about 3 minutes, then wash your hands with clean water.
In the first phase, use twice a day, morning and evening.  Once the results are satisfactory, then reduce the frequency to once a day or every other day. 
***Results may vary depending on the individual.***