Mole Erase Pimpa


Size: 3ml


Mole Erase Pimpa: for the removal of papillomas and warts only on the basis of herbs, without acid content.

Means Mole Erase Pimpa will completely remove skin formations with no pain, and no itching, quickly and efficiently.

How to use a Thai herbal remedy for papillomas and warts:

  • Open the stopper of the glass flask with the herbal suspension, take a wooden stick from the kit, and mix the mixture well
  • With the same wooden stick, apply a dotted sweep against papillomas and warts on the desired area and leave for 10-20 minutes. You may feel some tingling at the site of the treated papilloma
  • Using a swab with a cotton swab, wipe off the rest of the medicine
  • Avoid getting water in this place for about an hour
  • Within 5-7 hours, papillomas or warts dry up and disappear
  • Apply only to dry skin, do not rinse the medicine with water (remove with a cotton swab)

After use, the medicine should be closed, if necessary, the treatment can be repeated

The package contains a glass flask with a herbal thick suspension, instructions in English, and auxiliary sticks – a wooden toothpick for mixing the medicine and applying it, and ear sticks for getting wet at the end of treatment.

The net weight of the herbal suspension is 3 grams – this is enough to remove a huge number of papillomas or warts, the medicine is extremely economical to use.