Herrmetto Hair Tonic Spray for Men


Size: 150ml


Herrmetto Hair Tonic Spray for Men Anti Hair Loss Stimulate Hair Regrowth

Hair loss solution spray, strong hair roots, good smell, gentle formula, quick dry.

✅ Spray helps solve hair problems. Stimulate new hair Invented especially for women.

✅ Hair gets full nutrition. High efficiency by permeating through the pores to the hair roots.
✅ Dries quickly within 1 minute, not sticky.
✅ Gentle on the skin pass the irritation test. No irritation no itching.
✅ Easy way to use, just spray 1 time a day, should be used continuously for 4 months to see clear results.
Who is HORSY HAIR TONIC suitable for??
✅ Perfect for those who have hair loss because they are sensitive to chemicals.
✅ People with premature hair loss, no age limit.
✅ People with postpartum hair loss problems. Easy to use, long-lasting fragrance does not make hair sticky.
1. Shake the bottle every time before use.
2. Spray all over the area where the hair is lost, thinning hair 2 times.
3. Massage for at least 15-30 seconds or until the tonic is absorbed into the head.

Registration Number 11-1-6500035677.

Active Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Red Cover, Ginseng Extract, Red Kwao Krua.