2 x DELANIN Cream 5g


Melasma cream

Size: 2 x 5g

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Delanin Cream.

Contain Quinol 4 %

-Treatment of Melasma Freckles/dark Spots on The Face.

Delanin cream is a skin lightener designed to help reduce skin pigmentation due to the overproduction of the so-called pigment melanin, but it is also effective in a variety of other skin disorders or conditions. Whether you experience severe symptoms of liver or age spots, freckles, or even acne scars, you may rest assured that Eukrome will remove and ease any forms of skin disorder. The cream may also be used to treat discoloration on darker skin surfaces that may very well be caused by either prolonged exposure to the sun, contraceptive hormones, or pregnancy. It is even capable of treating melasma.