Biotin Serum Anti Hair Loss Nourish Smooth Soft Shiny Hair


Size: 50 ml


O&P Biotin Serum Smooth Soft Shiny Hair Anti Hair Loss Nourish New Hair

Stimulate new hair growth Reveal shine and vitality with O&P Biotin Serum, which is rich in unique ingredients. From the main extracts: Growth Factor, SANGYOOD RICE EXTRACT, and SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT, as well as other vitamins and amino acids. Necessary for nourishing the hair To stimulate new growth and healthy growth of your hair.

Main benefits:

Stimulates hair growth.

By stimulating hair growth from the hair roots. This ensures that new hair will grow. Longer and thicker with regular use.

Nourish and strengthen

Deep nourishment of SANGYOOD RICE EXTRACT (Sangyod rice extract) helps restore hair. Makes the hair more resilient to breakage and external impacts.

Prevent hair loss

SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT can prevent hair loss. Especially hair loss from genetics. Because it helps to stop hormones from occurring that cause hair to fall out faster than normal.

Silky Smooth Shine

Experience the happiness of hair that is not only healthy. But it also has a natural shine and a charming charm. With the unique scent of O&P Hair Care that we put in specially.

✔[Growth Factor extract]

Stimulates hair growth By developing and restoring cells. For the best hair growth.

✔ [Sangyod Rice Extract]

Sangyod rice comes from a special type of Thai rice that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. and amino acids that are beneficial to hair health. Helps protect the hair follicles on the scalp and nourish the knots to be strong, flexible, and resistant to breakage.

✔ [Palm leaf Extract]

An extract that is highly popular both domestically and abroad. Because it affects the suppression of hormones that cause hair to fall out faster than normal. Especially for people who have genetic hair problems.


1.) Drop serum onto palm. Rub until the serum spreads throughout your palm. Rub the serum into the hair and scalp thoroughly. Or nourish specific areas only 1 time a day after washing your hair. Dries quickly within 1 minute, not sticky.

2.) Should be used continuously for 4 months to see clear results.

Active Ingredients: Growth Factor, Sangyod Rice Extract, Palm leaf Extract.

✅ O&P Biotin Serum notification number: 11-1-6600015878

✅ Received international GMP certification for production from BSI Group.

✅ Received international HACCP system certification for production from BSI Group.